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Stencil /PCBA online cleaning waste-water treatment & recycle system

Group PCB/PCBA cleaning machine
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Update Time 2019-04-09
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Work Principle

Stencil/PCBA online cleaning wastewater recycling system is the raw water through multiple media filtration, Compound filter adsorption, After melt-blown polypropylene precision filteration, using multistage high-pressure pump with high pressure thrust into the water pressure container, the chemical modification of TOC membrane component separation and enrichment, with high pressure are only osmosis membrane through the water, but not through the selection to solute permeability extraction material separation.




Water inflow200L/H

Condensed water production60L/H

Recycle use water yield140L/H

Pure water qualityelectric conductivity≤30us/cm

Working water temperature:25℃

Installation power :4.2kw/H

Actual running power3.5kw

Working power suppluAC380V/50HZ

Operation condition

1.Inflow water qualityStencil /PCBA Cleaning machine waste-water drain

2.Inflow water ratio not lower 0.2m³/h flow

3.High pressure pump inlet pressure not lower 0.01KG/ cm²

4.TOC Concentrated water pressure not lower 3kg/cm²

5.Raw water conductivity 300≥us/cmequipment will stop , please find out the water quality of tap water.

6.Systems concentrate quantity and water purification production, water reflow volum various pressure after standardization, reduce 15% please maintain the system.

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