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What is SAM?

Samtronik Co.,LTD,is the manufacturer of  Stencil cleaning equipment ,PCB/PCBA Cleaning Machine , PCB Separator and SMT peripheral equipment .

What SAM offer ?

                            Samtronik mainly provide Stencil cleaning machine,PCB/PCBA Cleaning Machine ,Solder pallets clean machine ,Squeegee clean machine, Automatic screw lock machine ,PCB Depaneling machine ,SMD component counter ,Automatic/Semi-auto SMD component taping machine tectWe offer the whole range of best quality products,with fast and on time delivery at competitive prices.You don’t have to shop out searching for best quality/ price ratio products, You can find them all here !                       

How do i contact you?

Our customer service team is always ready to deal with your stencil cleaning machine problems and issues .We speak Chinese,English,langusges.Don’t hesitate us by phone,Fax , E-mail or skype :Contact: Nicolas Liu Tel:+86-755-27620900 ext 816Fax:+86-755-27620901Mobile/Whatsapp :86013534206421Skype:nicolasliu0701E-mail: sam888@china-sam.com Contact :Ivy ZhangTel:+86-755-27620900 ext 824Fax:+86-755-27620901Mobile/Whatsapp :86013427967947Skype:ivy.qing794E-mail: assistant@china-sam.com

What are your working hours

 Monday-Saturday: 8:00-18:00(Beijing time.GMT+08:00), For urgent inquiry , we will reply in time .

How do l send an inquiry?

      The most effcient way is to forward your inquiry to our e-mail address.Please input your name,country,e-mail,phone,product speciflcations and requirements ,A designated manager will get back to you within 48 hours.     For convenience,you can also leave the message at the website ,we will reply timly .

What about product pricing and specifications?

       Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.SAM reserves the right to correct any typographical errors. The flnal prices and specifications are reflected in the PI (proforma invoice),which is issued in response to your purchase order.

What kind of quotes do you give?

     We nomarl  quote USD prices with FOB Shenzhen/Hongkong ,and EXW price .The freight is calculated separately based on transportation means, size and weight of shipment.   Also we can quote as your request terms ,Like CIF ,DAP etc .

What's the difference of Semi-auto taping machine SM-1000A ,SM-1000B and SM-1000C?

SAM SMD Taping machine model choose .Many of our customer ask us what's the difference of our three model SMD Tape& reel machine .Today , We will tell you the differences.At first , both of three model functions is same .  SM-1000A is standard model ; SM-1000B is empty detection model with missing pocket checking functions , when there is empty pocket , machine will stop running and Bibi......alarming reminder worker put components on pockets  ;SM-1000C is long length model with empty detection , the work plate is longer .                        

Why need clean wave solder pallets/fixtures

Why need clean wave solder pallets and fixtures/jig ? Solder pallets /fixture after repeated use, surface will residue fluxing etc. these impurities will affect the soldering quality, lead to adverse phenomenon such as virtual welding, black spots.In order to ensure the soldering quality,the fixture /jig need cleaning remove surface flux residues.SAM Patent design SM-8400N wave solder pallets clean machine with Washing-Rinsing-Drying clean process , Fully automatic ,could thoroughly remove solder pallets/Jig surface flux residues .                       

Why need clean SMT Stencils ?

Why need cleaning  stencils ? SMT stencil and laser stencil as the production of mold will inevitably need to be repeatedly used in order to save the cost of factory ,and for ensure that companies products more competitive. Wave soldering can be automatic welding circuit board components, making industrial production faster and more accurate. Improve production speed and product quality. And the frequency and effect of cleaning SMT stencil directly affect the service life of SMT stencil and the production quality of printed circuit board. Because too much accumulation of steel scrap paste or dirty waste can not be produced to ensure the welding effect. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly and throughly cleaning SMT stencil and laser stencil  per day .

What's SAM's main products ?

SAM Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd's mainly  supply :PCB Separator PCB Handling Equipment PCB/Stencil Cleaning machine Wave solder pallets cleaning machineSMT Squeegee cleaner Screw lock machine SMD Component CounterSMD Tape&Reel machine Welcome to inquiry us ! 

Can l become an exclusive distributor of SAM products in my area?

     Yes, it is possible if we don't already have a representative in your country(region). The best start is to prove your good intentions with several regular orders over a period of time.

What shall l do if l encounter problem with products bought from you?

  Please, don't open or try to fix the problem yourself. Contact an appropriate manager without delay, submit inspection report or problem description. We will do our best to help you solve the problem or replace the machine.

What is your product warranty policy?

 All SAM  products carry a 12-month warranty. Under no circumstances SAM will be responsible for any damage beyond the replacement cost of the defective merchandise.