SAM In-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

Group PCB/PCBA cleaning machine
Min. Order 1 unit
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2019-04-09

SM-8800 In-line PCBA Cleaning Machine 

Features :

1. Suitable for cleaning large quantities PCBA, online completion of cleaning, rinsing and drying all the processes

2. Excellent cleaning effect, the effective removal of rosin, water soluble flux, disposable flux and other organic, inorganic pollutants

3. Standard process: Pre cleaning---Cleaning---Chemical isolation---Pre rinsing---Wind cut isolation---Rinsing---Rinsing 2---Final spray--- Wind knife 1 cutting water--- Wind knife 2 cutting water --- Hot air drying

4. Excellent chemical isolation, low running costs

5. Stainless steel canbinet with good reliability andcan resisit any hurt by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.

6. Small plate can be placed PCBA fixture;

7. Resistivity meter monitoring rinsing liquid , ensuring cleanliness

8. Wind knife cutting water+ Infrared hot air circulation

9. Selection of spray cleaning knife, make better cleaning effect;

10. 15.6" touch-screen computer automation control, Chinese / English operation interface;

11. Flexible operation of water cleaning or chemical solvent cleaning;

12. The unique rinsing overflow design to save water consumption;

13. UPS standby power supply system;


Board direction : Left to right 【Front window view 】
Control mode: using one touch type computer + PLC configuration software control
Speed: 0.1-1.5m / min adjustable;0.8 m / min ( recommended )
Cleaning PCBA Size:Max 600mm(W) × 100mm(H)
Cleaning PCBA Size:Min 50mm(W)×50 mm(H) (To be clamped)
Board Thickness: 0.1~ 4mm
Cleaning Solvent Tank Capability:300L(Max)
Cleaning Pump Power:11KW
Cleaning Solvent Filter:0.45μm
Cleaning Solvent Heating Power:27KW
Rinsing Tank Capacity:180L(Max)
Rinsing Tank Heating Power:36KW
Rinsing Pump Power:11KW
Cleaning Method:high pressure spray
Drying Method:high pressure blower cutting water and Hot air circulation
Drying Heating Power:15KW
Solvent Heating Temperature:RT~70℃
Drying Temperature:RT~100℃
DI Water Consumption:10-15L /Min
DI Water Access Pressure: ≦0.5Mpa
Resistivity meter monitoring range:0~18 MΩ
Conveyor height:900 ± 50mm
Exhaust volume: 40M³/Min
Power Supply:AC380V 50HZ
Total Power:≈ 136KW
Net Weight:2500Kg
Outlet Size: Φ250mm(W)×50mm(H)*2PCS
Machine Size:6580 mm (L)×1580 mm (W) ×1600 mm (H)