Industrial Electronic Dry Cabinet

Group Industrial Electronic Dry Cabinet
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-04-24
Item specifics
Control humidity3%-50%RH adjustable
Lowest humidity1%RH
Measurement accuracy±4%
Works on220V/50HzAc
Humidity average± 2%RH

Industrial Electronic Dry Cabinet


Adsorption depth dehumidification, pollution, no water, no noise, saving energy save electricity (not the condensing)

Electronic temperature and humidity sensor, LED digital display (not the pointer type)

PPS engineering plastic machine, super dehumidification force (not the ABS plastic or metal)

Group rotation, continuity dehumidification (not the intermittent dehumidification)

High quality steel, R type structure, plastic spraying box, a good solid

Modular design, upgrade flexible and convenient maintenance

Specifications :

Control humidity

3%-50%RH adjustable

Lowest humidity


Measurement accuracy


With Electronic Humidity control


With Digital Display at Room Temperature


Works on :


Humidity average

± 2%RH


Blackother color can choose



Chip Material,trestle,un-complete product low humidity storage

2)Printed Circuit Board(PCBs)

Organic multilayer sheet, printing wiring board, manufacturing engineering of the pattern film and humidity keeping

3)  Silicon Wafer

Prevent oxidation dust cleaning management

4)  Ceramics     

Ceramic components, ceramic version, ceramic and porcelain and ceramics condenser material (powder) of the wet preservation

5)  LCG Board

After the clean normal temperature dry custody (keep break out of glass and prevent smooth surface with dirt again)

  Optical FiberCCD

Microlens of the high temperature and humidity should not be handling the instrument dampness keeping for a long time

7)  Crystal Resonator

Quartz piece, electrode materials of bonding material and humidity keeping

8) the oxidation keep of other electronic parts lead  frame and bonding wire.



Internal CapacityAbout 208L

External size480×1000×550W*H*D

Internal size477×830×525W*H*D

No of shelves: 2 Adjustable

Max power cost40W


Internal Capacity: About 415L

External size600×1380×600W*H*D

Internal size597×1210×575W*H*D

No of shelves: 3 Adjustable

Max power cost40W   


Internal CapacityAbout 755L

External size600×1990×720W*H*D

Internal size597×1820×695W*H*D

No of shelves: 5 Adjustable

Max power cost40W


Internal CapacityAbout 834 L                       

 Internal size957×1660×525W*H*D                

External size960×1830×550W*H*D                 

 No of shelves: 5 Adjustable                         

 Max power cost80W                               


Internal Capacityabout 1143L

Internal size1197×1820×525W*H*D

External size1200×1990×550W*H*D

No of shelves: 5 Adjustable

Max power cost80W 


Internal Capacityabout 1514 L

External size1200×1990×720W*H*D

Internal size1197×1820×695W*H*D

No of shelves: 5 Adjustable

Max power cost80W 


Internal Capacityabout 1514 L

External size1200×1990×720W*H*D

Internal size1197×1820×695W*H*D

No of shelves: 5 Adjustable

Max power cost80W