SM-720 LED Separator
SM-720 LED Separator

Item specifics

Machine Dimensions
325 x 382x 350mm
Platform (1.2M)
1200 x 506 x 350
Platform (2.4M)
2400 x 506 x 350
Max length of PCB
Material of Blade
SK61D high speed steel

Product review


SM-720 Plate Separator

led separator

Operation instruction:

1. Connect to the power supply and start the switch. Indicator lights 0 and 400/600 flash, press the button corresponding to the flashing light, the light will on continuously. Press the foot switch, and the upper blade will return to the origin and can move between 0 - 400/600. Touch key 0 or key 400/600 to allow the indicating light to flash, and touch 100/150. 200/300. 300/450. Any key can allow the corresponding two lights to make them on constantly, then the upper blade travels between these two lights and the upper blade can travel between any points of 0-400/600.

2. Adjust the gap between the upper and lower blades, generally between 0.1 and 0.2. The gap between the upper positioning blade and lower positioning blade is generally equal to the thickness of PC board. 

3. The upper and lower cutters must be in the same plane, and the error cannot exceed 0.1mm.

4. Adjusting method of eccentric distance

5. The working platform can be adjusted upward or downward.

6. Set the cutting travel and speed, and setting method shall follow the adjustment method mentioned above.

7. Step on the pedal switch, and try sometimes. In case of no abnormity, formal work can be started.  


Machine Dimension

325 x 382x 350mm

Platform  (1.2M)

1200 x 506 x 350

Platform  (2.4M)

 2400 x 506 x 350  (2.4M)

weight   (1.2M)


weight   (2.4M)


Max length of PCB


Material of Blade

SK61D high speed steel

Cutting Speed


Cutting Thickness


Operating temperature


Storage temperature



230V/50HZ,40W  110V/60HZ,40W


no platform


with the 1.2M platform


with the 2.4M platform