SMT dust-free cloth paper

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Update Time 2019-12-12

SMT dust-free cloth paper


1, as a daily cleaning of the wet system made of universal paper

   2, in the dry, wet state with high humidity

   3, anti-acid, anti-large number of chemical reagents

   4, low dust anti-static can effectively control the amount of static electricity generated

   5, can be used many times

   6, both economic and clean, is the most widely used in the electronics industry


Note: special requirements can be made to the size of customer requirements production

   Professional production of dust-free paper, M-3 is a clean room dedicated wipes, the product has a soft paper, strong water absorption, not easy to tear, less dust characteristics. The product is made of wood fiber non-woven products, the product surface was hole-like structure. Used to wipe the surface of a precision object. Low dust, low ion residue, good wipe effect, high water storage capacity. 


 Product Material: 

  100% of the high-quality long fiber, after a special process from the production process.

  Product Performance:

  M-3 series of products using folding method, can greatly reduce the amount of dust, can quickly absorb moisture and oil film, moisture absorption performance is good, not easy to shed dander, chemical residue is low, on behalf of today's non-woven clean paper manufacturing the highest level.

 Scope Of Application:

  Suitable for equipment maintenance and advanced wiping requirements in higher environments.

  Product Model Size And Specifications:

  M-3 - single size: 250mm * 250mm,

Details, packaging pictures: