AI special splice tape

Group AI Splice Tape
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Update Time 2019-12-12
AI special splice tape

  Product Details

   A set of good methods for tailoring a piece of material, such as a shaft of a resistive material.

   1, the use of foreign high-strength, high viscosity tape:

   2, positive and negative after precision die-cutting processing:

   3, when used in contact with the plastic surface, to ensure that the reliability of the material.


  Product Category:

  AIS-0100 AI pick-up film three holes 40mm * 22mm

  2000 pieces / volume

  Applicable shaft material (capacitance)


   AIS-0200AI picking film five holes 70mm * 23mm

  1000 pieces / volume

  Applicable shaft material (capacitance)


  AIS-0300 AI Pick-up film two holes 28mm * 35mm

  2000 pieces / roll Applicable shaft material (capacitance)


  AIS-0400 AI Rechargeable Copper Clasp 1000 pcs / rolls

  Applicable Columns (Capacitance)

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