SM-620-500 Guillotine type PCB Separator

Group Guillotine type PCB Separator
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-03-09
Item specifics
Shear Length0-500mm
Shear Width0-unlimited
Shear Thickness0.2-3.0mm
Shear Speedone segmentation per second
Blade Size356×45×6mm
Height of component≦15mm,when component is on upper side ≦19mm, when component is on back
Distance between component and V-slo≧3mm
SM-620-500 PCB Depaneling Machine
Separate precise SMD thin board, aluminum PCB, for special board , please check with Service.
Apply latest pneumatic design of light weight, the
PCB could be separated in one time, with minimum
internal stress, especially suitable to separation of
precise SMD or thin board. Unlike double round
blade PCB separator, there won`t be any
bow wave or micro crack generated.
It uses wedge cutter to shear PCB in line, internal
stress decreases to lowest point, even the sensitive
SMD modules or capacitance still won`t be
influenced, then potential risk on quality is
Cutter blade applies SKH-11 high speed steel
imported, also suitable to separate PCB without
1. Bouble straight blade, highly suitable to separate SMD thin board and aluminum

2. Guillotine type, for PCB of thickness 0.2 to 3.0mm, cutting moving distance 1 to 3mm, safe operation;

3. keep internal stress within 80-180Ue, to avoid micro crack and damage to precise components;

4. able to shear edge of V-slot, distance from the component should 0.3mm ;

5. shear rate is one segmentation per second, control by foot-plate pneumatic switch ;

6. with calculation function, obvious vision on productivity ;

7. shear blade group is started passively, shear line and position can be handled safely ;

8. shear not by rolling blade, no dust, no motor drive, no pollution of carbon dust ;

9. shear is not by blade friction, so there is no residue from blade ;

10. Shear Blade warranty 6000000 times, no need electricity supply, then no consumption on electric equipment;

11. Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa, no need to prepare specific place for the shear ;

12. Could configure moveable working shelf, can move and operate conveniently.
Technique Parameter

Machine Dimension L/W/H
Blade size  :
Upper straight blade 520×60×6mm
           Down straight blade520×38×6mm
Blade material
Imported high quality high speed steel
Board width :
4-100mm is the best (small piece width, incomplete panel width)
V-cut speed :
V-cut type
Glass fiber board, FR-4 base plate, aluminum base plate and other
single direction V-CUT products
V-CUT thickness
One third of the board thickness
Working Pressure
Working Voltage
220V/110V optional
Machine Weight