Semi automatic dip soldering machine
Semi automatic dip soldering machine

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                                                       Semi automatic dip soldering machine                                                            

Dip method:

Put the flux soldering board on the needle frame,start the footswitch on. The machine can welding difference pcb board at one time,Microcomputer control all the steps,Completely simulation manual dip welding principle, researchers from training, anyone could dip welding homework, do not need to dab at, welding stable quality, and enhance the production efficiency.


1.large quantity and lots of specification  PCBA board manufacturers

2.Intrustment and equipment manufacturer,lots  PCB,but less quantity,manual leaching welding need the skillfull operater ,wave soldering high cost ,it's much economical choose automatic leaching soldering pot.

3.For some big board in hkbu tin process will deformation, our company specially produced for fixture, make in soaking in the process of PCB tin deformation.


1.Meet the circuit board and the common solder products use (with the suitbale fixture)

2.Improve the welding quality, imitate manual welding

3.Improve production rate,awelding batch products at the same time , compared with about four times as much manual welding.


1.Up and down movement adopting step-motor drive the ball screw, stepping motor accuracy of 0.1 mm, solder depth accurate

2.Circuit board drift in face of zion Baptist tin, and not be impact solder

3.The lifting speed adjustable leaching products, and circuit board leaching tin Angle adjustable, reducing the surface tension, meet the technological requirements.

4.With each cycle of automatic shave their surface oxide to tin slag slot, improve the welding quality.

5.Can undertake circuit board and flux of the surface preheating, improve activity and welding quality.

6.Soldering time, its range from 1 second-10 seconds can beadjust

7.The high temperature ceramic fever board, after insulation treatment, long service life, temperature control adopted PID control in accuracy ± 2 °, tin stove the furnace pipe is made of pure titanium industry TA2, ground temperature using K thermocouple type.

8.has a variety of solder fixture with the product, can be arbitrarily choose and buy, also accept custom

9.Range of 500 °C temperature setting.


Power supply

AC220V 50HZ



Machine dimension


pot size